Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exhaust finished, front suspension cylinder and interior...

 The exhaust in finished.

The right side of the muffler was not supported.

Once I've started the engine, I've got rid of the exhaust leaks.

A lot of water came out from the exhaust.

About to start the front suspension cylinder; safety first...

I've changed the Oring in the cylinder as well as the ball and the boot. 

The hydraulic fluid filter was extremely dirty and the LHM is yellow.

The new hose is in place.

Time to start the engine... (Ignition switch failed after a few tries)

I removed most of the old glue and use Prep All for adhesion.

This is a product similar but thinner than Dynamat.

The console and the different stainless steel and chrome parts are cleaned and polished; ready to go in.


priya said...

congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation. Exhaust Repair

Phil Caron said...

Thank you very much!

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